Together Again………


Today marks 1 week that I have been home from my Russian MS Journey…………..

Tears just kept flowing down my face when I saw my girls and they were eagerly waiting for me at 6:30 in the morning at home with decorations and a beautiful hand made Welcome home banner!

I will never forget that moment that we shared that morning! We were finally TOGERHER AGAIN!!!!!!

After a long trip, I WAS HOME! Ready to now rest and recover and start my new life with my family!

I had my first blood tests done this week and met with my Haematologist  to discuss my blood count.

Everything is where it needs to be!!  He is happy with my recovery thus far and was happy with the treatment I received in Moscow. These blood tests will be done weekly for the next month and then in another 3 months time. I will then see my neurologist in 6 months time for an MRI scan.

I had an injection of steroids a few days before leaving Moscow and this seems to have given me some bursts of energy and have been struggling to sleep at night. Today was the first day I had NO energy and the steroids are starting to wear off so a little fatigue has kicked in today with some mild stomach cramps. They do say that there is a roller coaster ride that you experience during recovery and I think this is it.

Lucky I have my mum who has been absolutely amazing cooking for me, making sure I’m okay and getting anything I need.

I am listening to my body and just spending time at home recovering and not over exerting myself.

Thank you all for your continued love & Support

Poppy xoxo


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