The Home Stretch…………


WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE THIS HAS BEEN!!!!!! I feel soooooo blessed and have to keep pinching myself that I ACTUALLY DID IT!

I have 3 more days left with this amazing team here in Pirogov and am going to miss them immensely!

The last 3 days have been a little tough, with excessive bone pain at all hours of the morning.  Dr Fedorenko says this can effect 20-30% of patients at this stage, due to the stem cells recreating their magic.  Up at 1am, 4am then 8am for Heavy duty pain meds. So I have felt a little weak the last couple of days and just chilling out in my little bubble.

Yesterday I had a final 5 hour infusion of chemotherapy (Rituximab) to kill any residual cells lurking around. I also was given some more steroids yesterday and today to give me that boost I need for my return home. These steroids should last a few weeks, but can have an effect of  low energy in about a months time. We will just see how we go.

Finally today, I lost my neck accessories ( MY PIC Line is GONE) I’m free!!!!!!!

So, what now……..I leave here Friday evening ready to embark on my NEW journey!

I would like to personally thank each and everyone of you for ALL your support over the last 2 yrs or so, in my preparation to get here for this ground breaking treatment! I could not have done it with out you.

To my Family -Bill,  Mum, Dad, Roma, Dimitri, Sophia, Dorian, Rahnia, Sammi, for ALL UNITING while I was away and making this an easier experience for me while I was here away from my girls.

To my Close friends- Sarah, Juanita, Rita, Johnny, Emily, Chrisanthi, Alex, Natalia & Nicholas for your amazing support with the Gala and for being there for me.

To the Greek Communities who have supported me in my Journey – Pontiaki Estia, Merimna Ladies, NEOS KOSMOS, Omiros Greek College and all Donations received by our local Greek community – THANK YOU!!

Thank you to the AMAZING Dr Fedorenko and Anastasia and the outstanding nurses here who treated me like a human being. I am eternally grateful for the second chance I have been given with my family to live and long and fulfilled life. Words cannot describe how thankful to you all I am!!

Upon my return I will be coming home and staying indoors. I understand some people may want to come to visit, but in the early months, I need to focus on my recovery and ensure that infection control is managed, so I will limiting my visitors to close Family Only.

I am unable to receive flowers, balloons, or any dust collectors, so well wishes upon my return are appreciated. Chocolate is ALLOWED!!!

Moscow is certainly part of me now and I can wait to return with my children to share with them my story.

Thank you ALL

POPPY xoxox


2 thoughts on “The Home Stretch…………

  1. We are praying for a safe return for you and Bill and for a very happy reunion with close family. Lots of love Geoff and Jean

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