Following my transplant, signs that my stem cells/new immune system are growing (engrafting) and beginning to produce blood cells are expected.

This “new” immune system will have no memory of MS.   As my blood counts begin to rise, my white blood cells will start to fight and prevent infections.  Soon after this occurs, I will be released from the hospital.

Today is the day, that my hair has started to finally fall out!! Engraftment has HIT!!

Yes clumps starting to come out and all over the pillow this morning….This is a GREAT sign!

Dr Fedorenko came in this morning very happy with my Leukocyte numbers today. I have hit the 1 million mark today, which means I will be RELEASED tomorrow from isolation….YAY!!!

Tomorrow will mark Day 8 in isolation – I really cant believe where the time has gone.

I haven’t even done all the things I wanted to in here, but I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in here.

I will be able to leave my room tomorrow (masked up of course) and only allowed in the lounge communal area of the hospital.

One day at a time!

The following day (Saturday) I will be able to venture out in the hospital gardens for a walk! How I am looking forward to some fresh air!!

I will be closely monitored the following days, and given a final 4 hour Chemo infusion 2 days before leaving the hospital, followed by a hit of steroids for my return home.

I have another 8 days left here in Moscow and will be ready to see my girls on Sunday the 28th June…..Not long now!!!!


Thank you for all your love & support on this journey!♥♥♥

Poppy  xoxo


2 thoughts on “Engraftment……….

  1. Poppy, we are so pleased that all is going well. We keep you both in our prayers for a safe return to Oz and to your daughters.

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