Day 5 in Isolation – Nearly There………



Its been 5 full days in isolation and the bloods are doing what they are supposed to!

Basically its all about the Leukocytes (white Cells) that should see a rise in the coming 3-4 days. The normal range is 4mil-1million (counted as 4-10), so right now I am sitting at 0.1 (100,000) Perfect!

Now I’m in the plateau stage and should start to see the (engraftment) stage in 2-4 days. This is where my hair will start to fall out and this is then an indication that the White cells and now streaming through the bone marrow, creating new white healthy cells. Numbers -should then hit 7-10 million and I can then be released!

Dr Fedorenko anticipates another 3-4 days before ( so possibly Saturday)

So what have I been doing in here you ask………….??

The day starts with blood tests, blood pressure, temperature, routine checks around 6.30am.

Breakfast is served at 9.30am. Every morning around 10.30 the cleaners are in here ready to thoroughly clean my room. I have to go shower while she changes my sheets, gets new towels, disinfects all tables, floors and windows and get my new pj’s ready.

No details are left out and they don’t miss a beat!

This Is a nice way  to pass the time in the morning, until I decide what I feel like doing for the rest of the day…..Movies, catch up revenge, Creative writing in my diary, colouring in (yes very therapeutic)

Everything is broken up by a meal as well, so adds a little structure to the day!

So far I am enjoying this phase of the treatment and has been a really great way for me to see things clearer, simpler, and not hazy! I know what I want, and that’s why I came here….To be happy with my Family!

Pretty simple….My clarity is BACK and I feel my brain Fog has disappeared forever!!

Thank you to all of you for supporting me during this Journey!

Poppy xoxoxo


6 thoughts on “Day 5 in Isolation – Nearly There………

  1. Poppy its Anna from Estia you are one strong lady wishing you all the best recovery and remember we all here for you waiting for you to came back.
    I am sure your in good hands.
    Keep us posted filakia pola
    anna angelidis

  2. Keep being positive Poppy. We were with Roma and Jim on Sunday afternoon for coffee and your daughters were there. They are doing fine. We keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

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