Transplant Day – Day 0+



I woke up feeling pumped, ready for my Transplant Day! With such a build up over the past 1 1/2 years,  and I had seen so many other Hscter’s go through this same experience, and now it was my turn………..

Yes My turn for a new Life, My turn to rebuild and get our lives back on track (Just the way it should be) with my beautiful Family.♥♥♥

It was all over in 20 minutes or so and there were 2 bags of stem cells that they need to re infuse back into the bloodstream. Dr Fedorenko and his team were talking me through the entire process, right from the first syringe being injected where there was a Squirt of Heinz Tomato sauce taste that hits the palette and stays during the entire transplant. Everybody is different, but this was my experience, and according to THE MAN (Dr F), All normal!!

Then came the pressure, on my chest, like a baby elephant had decided to take a seat and not leave for that duration. The intense pressure is something I had never felt before, and comes in waves, so allows you to recover before the next so called high pressure hits. For those who have given birth, you would get my gist, similar to contractions!

I could feel the heart pumping a little faster than normal, but just had to relax and let my meditation skills kick in to get me through. I had pre selected a song to listen to during transplant, but there was interference with the ECG machine, which meant that took it away from me. Not to worry, I went into my own world and music was playing in my ears.

I also felt a little nauseated at one moment , but they were quick to inject me with anti nausea drug and also got jabbed in my arm as heart rate dropped a little. They were in Control and I had given them all my trust!

Within moments, DF F, shook mine and Bills hand and congratulated us and gave me about 1 hour to rest before the party celebration out in the communal area!! It was all over!

I was then presented with a badge of an iris, which is a symbol of power of the mind, positive attitude and strong heart. This concept was originated by the previous professor and teacher  to Dr F, who has since passed away. They have kept this legacy and present this to ALL HSCT patients. Also part of the traditional to dispose of the liquid nitrogen that the stem cells were stored in all those days.

Oh What a Feeling! Its truly amazing and inspiring to see. Words can’t describe it.

My isolation stage will most likely start tomorrow!

Thank you all for following my journey. Your support has really helped me and words cant even describe my gratitude to you all. xoxox


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