Chemotherapy-Day 1……….


I can’t believe its been 2 weeks since I left Melbourne on this Journey of mine. Lets just hope the next 2 weeks fly by just as fast!

Yesterday was a rest day, and I got my pic lines changed, ready for the next part of this procedure “Chemotherapy”. This is the CRUCIAL part of the procedure. With NO Chemo, There is NO result, so it is essential.

This is what gets Rid of those cells where MS Live…..Bye Bye MS, Bye Bye.

I’m in control now!!

I spent yesterday getting myself mentally ready for the BIG day of chemo and was feeling a little drained to be honest. I always listen to my gut and I promised I wasn’t going to push my self and rest up when needed, so I did. Last night finished off with a Pizza delivery from bill, which was just what I needed.

With a goods nights sleep and a traditional Russian rice pudding breakfast, I was ready!

Day 1 is done….So far so good. One day at a time ……..

Thank you beautiful people for your continued love & support!!


2 thoughts on “Chemotherapy-Day 1……….

  1. Best of luck Poppy. I had a friend who had stem cell treatment for a blood cancer so I understand what you a going through. She came out stronger than ever. I also have a daughter with MS, she was adopted when she was a newborn, sadly she is too far into her MS so this treatment is not possible.
    I pray your treatment goes so well, which I know it will as you are so positive about it.
    Anne Bailey

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