Apheresis – Stem Cell Collection Day………..

09_24_cancer1So today is the 1st day of collection for these little stem cells, where they will then be frozen, and ready to re infuse at a later date, after chemotherapy.

I was up at 5.30am this morning with bells on. I had the best sleep last night since I have been here, and was pacing up and down the hospital hallways, waiting for Dr Fedorenko to come around that corner. Got dressed, ate some breaky, shaved legs, got changed again, made a Skype call, paced up and down the hallways again. By this time it was 7.30am and I could hear the machine being wheeled up the hallway and then finally into my room.

Yes…..I was hooked up and my stemmies coming out. Some weird sensations during the process, numb mouth, and funny feelings through your body. Dr F warns you about all these feelings, so no need to hit panic mode. I will spend 5 hours on the machine and will wait for my results to see how many I collect today.


If I collect 2 million stem cells today then, I’m done, other wise back again tomorrow to collect the remaining amount of stem cells to reach the 2 million mark. Either way I am happy and grateful to be here.

Thank you all for your continued love and support!!

Poppy xoxo

6 thoughts on “Apheresis – Stem Cell Collection Day………..

  1. Poppy and family.. you are now my hero.. I cant believe what you are doing. It’s fantastic.we have kept quiet but believe me we think of you so much. We are there with you all the way… you will be so fine after all this.. all the best… love geotge anna and twins

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