Day 5- Mobilization Stage……

stem cells

Stem cell mobilization is a process where stem cells are stimulated out of the bone marrow space (e.g, the hip bones and the chest bone)and into the bloodstream, so they are available for collection for future reinfusion.

For approximately four days (twice a day), I am given injections to stimulate my stem cell growth.  The most common side effect of  the mobilization process is mild-to-moderate bone pain or fever, which can be treated by pain killers if necessary.

My day starts with steroid infusion in the morning at around 11am, followed by the  shots at 11pm and 3am overnight. The nurse comes in, turns on the bright light, and with her thick Russian access says ” Injection”. If I ask her anything else she just looks at me blankly and at 3am in the morning I really cant be bothered pulling out my phone for google translate. So I just cover my eyes with one arm and stick the other arm out ready for the shot. All my trust has been handed over to Dr Fedorenko’s team here in Pirogov and they know exactly what they are doing

I am on my 2nd day of the mobilization stage and felt some bone pain and head achy all day. Nothing a Hot shower and a little pain killer in the bum couldn’t fix!!!

Today was a quiet day for me as I wast feeling up to leaving the hospital. I had some time to check out the hospital grounds and do a little sight seeing around here, which I hadn’t done yet. Even the hospital grounds are so beautiful. Their buildings are made with such great quality building materials and are built to last. Stunning gardens and a great place to just come and get fresh air and just read a book and pass some time, away from technology.

So another 2-3 days of mobilization and then we prepare for the stem cell collection!!!!!!!!! I feel ready for this, and am soooooooo happy that I am here. I know this is going to be a rough ride and i’m in the easy, earlly stage of this process. I promised my self that I will listen to my gut instinct as this is what gets me through a lot in life, and I will give ALL my trust to this amazing team here in Moscow. I wish I could clone Dr Fedorenko and his team and bring them back home .  Thank you for reading and for your continuous support!!


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