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Day 2 and Settled in……..

The Testing phase is Nearly over. Had an intense day of various testing. I cant believe how thorough this hospital is. Blood test, Ultra sound on abdomen, legs to check veins, gynaecological checks, bloods, MRI, ECG, Saliva swabs, urine test, optical……with final breathing and heart test tomorrow. Wait have I missed anything? And this is just to ensure that my body is healthy enough to endure the stem cell treatment and to make sure that there are no complications.
The hospital grounds have about 4 different buildings specialising in different areas and they are all connected by Underground tunnels. Tunnels that go on forever and that branch off onto other tunnels. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Dr Fedorenko will go through my results on Friday and will discuss the process moving forward. Stimulation shots will most likely start on Saturday. This is to encourage the stem cells to come out of the bone marrow and into the blood stream, ready for stem cell collection. Will tell you more about that when it happens.

Half way through the day I got a break in between tests and was absolutely famished. Yes, Lunch should be waiting for me, and I wasn’t wrong. The Ox tongue was waiting for me, along with a lovely Fish soup. I said I would try it and I did. I didn’t squirm, I just enjoyed it and thought it wasn’t really that bad. Each to their own, I guess…….

So later on in the day I got to settle into my room and make it cosy and comfy for me. With some personal touches from my girls with some wall décor.


I miss my beautiful girls, but I know that this is all worth it.

Thank you for your continued love and support!!!

Poppy xoxo

I’m ready…

all packed

I’m as ready as I’ll ever be for this life changing experience. 1 Year has passed since I was accepted and notified by the hospital in Moscow that I will be undergoing Haematopoietic Stem Cell Treatment.

I seems so surreal that I will be jumping on that plane on Sunday.

Where has this time gone! I often wonder where I would be if I didn’t watch 60 minutes that night. I believe in Fate, in things happening for a reason, being in the right place at the right time. What ever it was, I was meant to see this segment of 60 minutes and this was the journey that lied ahead for me.

Without the Love and support from my friends and family, this wouldn’t be possible. I am so grateful to ALL for the loving thoughts, wishes and  positive vibes you have given me. This past year has given me time to reflect and to also prepare myself mentally for this challenging time ahead.

I’m READY!!! Ready to tackle this thing they call MS head on, Ready to go and kick its Butt, and Ready for a New Life without this burden on my shoulders.

I take a deep breath and get Ready to for the Ride ahead……………..