Monthly Archives: November 2014

Its all Happening…

So yesterday was a nerve racking day…..Building up the courage to Finally book those tickets in. 
Yep…..this is REAL , Its all happening!!!
I have confirmed with Moscow that my admission will be on the 26th of May and they will pick me up from the airport when I arrive the day before my admission.
For those very close to me  will know that the last 3 weeks have been difficult for me with dizziness. I have been feeling off and have been experiencing  vertigo. Squinting my eyes, holding my head, just to get through this mild relapse I am having.  I Spoke to the Head of neurology who explained this was what was happening. School Pick ups have been a challenge to say the least.
Next MRI on the 6th December will  give me an update on where things are at.

Bring On RUSSIA!!!!